LexiFi handles the diversity of derivatives through a uniform process and puts an end to a maze of ad-hoc systems. LexiFi Apropos is an end-user software application, designed to serve as a "Golden Database" for financial derivative products.

This compact solution enables users to rapidly define, price, analyze and manage tailored financial products. It provides customized reporting throughout the life of each product and offers easy programmatic access to functions and data.

Business challenges

  • Offer timely and relevant investment solutions adapted to each client and market environment

  • Provide sound advice throughout the life of each product

  • Streamline business processes and operations for inherently diverse product offerings

  • Reduce new products' time to market and management costs

  • Better understand the risks and rewards of derivatives

  • Reduce dependency on key individuals

  • Meet regulatory requirements stemming from the use of non-standard products

Key Features

Product database: complete coverage of financial instruments and asset classes

Lifecycles management: automation of the processing of all lifecycle events

Documents: automation of the production of high-quality, dynamic, fully customizable documents

Pricing: provision of LexiFi's cutting-edge and industry-standard pricing models, and integration of in-house models

Structuring tools: set of tools to define new structures and quantify risks, and rewards

Control of position and risks: estimation of portfolio values and risks and produce reports

Tailored reporting: comprehensive view of key quantitative and qualitative information

Alerts: flags and emails upon events such as barrier crossing, cash flow payments, etc.

Custom workflow: implementation of custom processes fitting in-house and regulatory requirements

Automation: triggering of operations without human interaction



  • Deliver timely and relevant financial solutions based on rigorous analyses

  • Enhance customer service before and after the sale

  • Reduce operational risks and costs with a single system covering the development, marketing and management of derivatives and structured products

  • Establish a preferred link with distributors and end-users

  • Gain agility and scalability in tailored derivatives

  • Improve existing applications to provide full coverage of derivatives and structured products

  • Simplify compliance with current and future financial regulations

  • Streamline operations, free up human resources and limit errors by automating time-consuming and error-prone pre- and post-trade processes

  • Increase knowledge about derivatives, develop new ideas and control valuations with state-of-the-art structuring and pricing capabilities

Deployment options

LexiFi Apropos may be deployed as an integrated application that implements end-to-end business processes or as a server acting as a shared utility in support of business processes managed by one or more other applications.

If you need further information about LexiFi Apropos, please have a look at our Features section.

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