Instrument Box is a component designed to be embedded in new or existing third-party applications. It packages LexiFi's most advanced technology and functionalities, used to create LexiFi Apropos.

A typical user scenario is to bring agility to applications already supporting basic structured products. With the addition of Instrument Box, such applications can immediately benefit from advanced features (such as valuation, reporting services, life-cycle processing) for a wide range and expandable list of derivatives.

Business challenges

  • Respond to unmet analytical and processing needs in derivatives and structured products

  • Handle the diversity inherent in tailored products

  • Enhance knowledge in a vast and complex area

  • Rapidly develop and market value-added offerings

Key features

Enable immediate full generic support of derivatives at a fraction of usual costs

Support the most common shapes of derivatives and structured products out of the box

Access to LexiFi's ground-breaking algebraic and compositional description of financial contract semantics

Create all kinds of value added features by using IB's carefully crafted API (e.g. pricing, quantitative tools, lifecycle, reporting)

Generic entry-screen APIs to generate user interfaces for letting users enter or modify contract parameters

Generic document generation APIs to produce HTML, PDF or Word documents such as term sheets, products reports

Generic APIs mean that no ad-hoc support is required for each specific shape once the APIs have been integrated in the host application

Development tools to potentially extend Instrument Box

Access to the source code, to high-level consulting resources and to an extensive technology transfer program



  • Improve agility and scalability of existing applications with full coverage of derivatives and structured products

  • Third-party applications can quickly benefit from advanced features such as valuation, reporting services and life-cycle processing for a wide range and extensible list of derivatives

  • Significantly reduce the time-to-market for supporting new financial products

  • Limit project risk by combining internal system's strengths and LexiFi's capabilities


Minimal API :

  • Small number of entry points, independent of list of supported instruments
  • Essentially stateless: replicable behavior and easy debugging
  • Textual interface available: quick and effortless learning and discovery, easy non regression tests

Generic API :

  • Once for all definition of all possible life cycle events
  • Same API supports all underlyings and markets

Orthogonal API separation of concerns "by design" :

  • Definition of an instrument allows immediate full analysis and life cycle manipulations
  • Quantitative functionality implemented only once per model
  • Provide appropriate abstractions for the implementation of quantitative studies

Choose best-suited technical integration :

  • All standard architectures and OSes supported
  • Static or dynamic library (different programming language bindings available, more on request)
  • Server technology

Available knowledge transfer program available

Helper functions :

  • Import, export, print and parse in different formats
  • GUI generation and/or description

If you need further information about Instrument Box, please have a look at our FAQ section.

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